Conservation of Water Resources

The company manages and reduces water consumption in accordance with local conditions, and promotes water recycling and the effective use and protection of water resources.

The group uses a lot of water in surface treatment processes such as the cleaning, painting and plating of automotive parts, and in cooling processes such as welding and resin molding. On the other hand, depending on the region, the impacts of climate change and other factors are expected to make it difficult to secure water resources, and we recognize the need to promote activities to reduce and minimize water consumption.

Accordingly, in the “PACIFIC Environmental Challenge 2050,” we established the appropriate use of water by 2030 and the minimization of water consumption by 2050. We are working on this globally, setting annual targets for the reduction of water consumption at each base. When introducing new equipment or upgrading old equipment, we incorporate improvements to use less water compared to conventional equipment.

Example Initiatives

Purification of Water Used in Production Processes

We use mainly groundwater for surface treatment processes such as cleaning, plating and electrodeposition coating (E-coat) of press products. The washing water discharged from these processes is discharged off the premises after treated properly in a wastewater treatment facility installed on the premises. We analyze and measure wastewater quality regularly to confirm compliance with wastewater standards.
Biotope at the wastewater treatment facility
Biotope at the wastewater treatment facility
Comprehensive wastewater treatment facility
Comprehensive wastewater treatment facility

Reducing wash water on the electrodeposition coating (E-coat) and plating lines

We reduced our annual water consumption by 10,000 m3 by reducing wash water on the electrodeposition coating (E-coat) and plating lines at Nishi Ogaki Plant and Higashi Ogaki Plant. We will continue to work to control wastewater quality and preserve the quality of normal water, and promote activities to conserve biodiversity, including maintaining the ecosystems in river source and watershed areas.

Effective use of water resources at new plant

In the construction of the new plant (Plant No.4, Welfare Building) at Higashi Ogaki Plant, we have incorporated the use of groundwater for automatic faucets, water-saving appliances, and lavatory flushing and sprinkler taps in order to make more effective use of water resources. The expected effect is a reduction in water consumption of approximately 2,700 m3 annually.