Basic Approach for Future

Our daily lives and corporate activities are dependent on the blessings of nature, including food, energy, raw materials for products, and water. At present, however, the destruction of ecosystems in various parts of our planet is rapidly depleting the habitats of various living creatures, which is having a significant impact on our business activities and everyday lives. Our group is helping to conserve ecosystems by minimizing the impact of its business activities on them, and is promoting greening and forest conservation activities with the aim of living in harmony with nature.

Direction of Initiatives

Relation to business activities

Raw material procurement

We work with suppliers to promote the procurement of raw materials and the use of recycled materials in consideration of biodiversity conservation.

Land use

We engage in greening at our plants, giving due consideration to harmony with the surrounding ecosystems.

Production activities

We strive to prevent pollution from the discharge of chemicals and water.
We promote the effective use of resources and the reduction of emissions of environmentally hazardous substances.

Product development

We develop and design environment-conscious products that reduce negative impacts on the natural environment while using resources effectively.

Relations with society

Together with local residents and municipalities, we continuously engage in afforestation and forest conservation in the Pacific Satoyama Forest.
By working with residents, industry, government, and academia to provide a forum for learning about the environment, we nurture the next generation of human resources for the region.
All employees participate in social contribution activities in the areas surrounding our plants.

Education and awareness activities

Through environmental education and internal awareness-raising activities, we increase the understanding and awareness of the importance of biodiversity conservation among all employees.


Conducting conservation activities in the Pacific Satoyama Forest
Conducting social contribution activities in the areas surrounding our plants with participation of all employees


To be identified considering upcoming TNFD disclosure request


To be identified considering upcoming TNFD disclosure request

Example Initiatives

Biodiversity Activities in the Pacific Satoyama Forest

Since 2009, we have been promoting satoyama creation activities in the Pacific Satoyama Forest in Ogaki City, Gifu  prefecture. We have invited an arborist as a lecturer to learn how to decipher various information that trees have based on their shapes and surrounding environment in the satoyama forest, and will continue our forest conservation activities by improving employees' knowledge of biodiversity.

Activities to interact with trees and become familiar with forests and trees

We are involved in the "Gifu Mokuiku" program in cooperation with Gifu Prefecture, aiming to nurture human resources capable of becoming attached to forests and acting responsibly in forest conservation activities. The program starts with the experience of using trees from the mountains around Gifu to feel the smell and touch of wood, and to make wooden accessories that express their feelings and experience the blessings of the forest.

Mangrove planting activities in Thailand

As part of our sustainability activities, Thai PIT employees and their families participated in planting 640 trees in a mangrove forest in Chonburi Province. We will continue our social contribution activities rooted in the local community.