Sustainable Resources Use

Aiming for the realization of a recycling-oriented society, the company is working to reduce waste based on the concept of the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle).

Example Initiatives

Recycling of Waste Plastic

Wheel caps and engine covers discarded due to defects in appearance are pulverized and re-pelletized at the Higashi Ogaki Plant recycling center and recycled as new resin materials.
Recycling machine
Recycling machine
Recycled material
Recycled material

Recycling of Tubeless Valve Scrap Rubber

Combining the company’s rubber blending technology with the processing technology of a recycled rubber manufacturer allows scrap rubber generated during tire valve molding to be reused.

Material recycling of plastic waste

Our Wakayanagi Plant has implemented material recycling*1 of plastic waste, reducing the annual waste volume by 55 tons. To reduce waste, we will promote efforts to recycle of valuable materials such as waste plastic from resin, SBR rubber*2, and urethane.

*1 Material recycling: Reuse of waste as raw material for new products
*2 SBR rubber: Styrene-butadiene rubber, a synthetic rubber with properties similar to natural rubber

Reduction of urethane plastic waste by system modifying

Every time Kita Ogaki Plant’s urethane plastic injectors were shut down, we used to discard and dispose of the materials to prevent the main agent reacting with the curing agent and being cured.

The system has now been modified so that upon shutdown the equipment’s stop signal is automatically read and urethane plastic is automatically injected without being cured. This has resulted in a 39% reduction in the amount of discarded material that becomes waste.