Reduction of Environmental Impact

The company is promoting activities to reduce the use of substances with a high environmental impact by managing the chemical substances used in production process properly and controlling the discharge of pollutants.

Pollution Prevention


The Pacific Industries Group complies with the Air Pollution Control Act, the Water Pollution Prevention Act and other related laws and regulations, and is working actively to control the discharge of pollutants and maintain and conserve the natural environment.

January 1, 2022

Measures against Pollution Risks

1. Pacific Industries Avoids Pollution beyond the Requirements of Laws and Regulations.

We conduct daily management within the group aiming to keep within 80% of the standard values of environment-related laws and ordinances, and confirm compliance through internal audits. During fiscal 2022, we received no environment-related fines or penalties, had no cases of legal violations or non-compliance, and incurred no associated costs.

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We are implementing activities aimed at legal compliance and the prevention of pollution. For example, we have set an annual target of zero cases of leakage of environmentally-harmful substances such as oil from plants. Zero cases occurred in FY2022.

2. Chemical Substance Management

Some substances used in industrial products may cause environmental pollution or damage to human health. The Pacific Industries Group complies with various regulations such as REACH *1 and SVHC *2 enacted by the EU in relation to the use and management of these substances. With molded products, we confirm whether they contain applicable substances (SVHC *2), and use and manage chemical substances with consideration for human health and the environment.

*1 REACH: EU law concerning the safe use, handling and application of chemical substances
*2 SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern): Substances of very high concern that have the potential to cause serious adverse impacts on human health and the environment

3. PCB-Containing Equipment of the Pacific Industrial Group

The Pacific Industries Group regards the possession of PCB-containing equipment as a major environmental risk and has been promoting integrated processing since 2015. Processing has been completed for the number of units currently held.

Reduction of PRTR Substances and VOC Atmospheric Emissions

The company is promoting activities to reduce the use of substances with a high environmental impact by managing the chemical substances used in production process properly. Specifically, we are working on the continuous reduction of quantities of use and emissions of toluene, which accounts for the majority of PRTR-listed substances, by advancing improvements in painting processes and the development of alternative technologies.

Example Initiatives

(1) Reduction of VOCs by Using High Solid Paint

At Higashi Ogaki Plant, where VOC emissions are high, we have built an integrated painting line and are working to reduce VOC emissions by producing efficiently without waste. We are making efforts to reduce VOC emissions by changing coating methods to improve coating rates, such as switching from conventional air sprays to rotary spray paint guns, and promoting the conversion to high solid paints, which have good environmental performance and safety. We realized a 55% reduction in VOC emissions by switching to high-solid paints.

Switch to spray paint guns
Switch to spray paint guns

(2) Ornamental Wheel Caps Using Bright Film

As an alternative to plating, the company develops and manufactures ornamental wheel caps using in-mold and insert molding technologies. By using bright films that do not contain environmentally hazardous substances, we have eliminated the chromium plating process, reduced the amount of environmentally hazardous substances generated during production and enabled 100% recycling.

Center ornament using film
Center ornament using film

Handling of Laws and Regulations Concerning Environmentally Hazardous Substances in the Automobile and Home Appliance Industries

In response to the EU RoHS, ELV and REACH directives, which prohibit or restrict the use of environmentally hazardous substances, the company has established internal “Standards for the Management of Environmentally Hazardous Substances” and is promoting the strengthening of the management of chemical substances and the handling of laws and regulations.

We are promoting procurement so that raw materials and parts used in products do not contain regulated substances which exceed the regulated values.

In January 2012, we established the “Green Procurement Guidelines” to promote environmental conservation activities and the strengthening of chemical substance management throughout our supply chains.

We check materials to see whether they contain harmful substances.
We check materials to see whether they contain harmful substances.