Stamping Products


Cold stamping

Stamping is a technology in which upper and lower dies are attached to a press machine in opposition to each other, and a steel plate is sandwiched between them. The steel is deformed and processed into parts by applying pressure with the machine. There are other processing methods such as cutting, punching, bending and drawing, and with complicated shapes, the completed product is finished step by step using several stamping processes.

Hot stamping

In the hot stamping method, a special steel sheet is heated to about 900°C, press-formed with a die, and quenched. This process can produce products with both high strength of 1.5 GPa class materials and complex shapes.

Stress Reverse® Forming

By reversing the direction of deformation in the two forming processes, the Bauschinger effect is utilized to relieve deformation stress, thereby leading to smaller amount of spring back (SB) and more stable quality accuracy.

  • * We have developed our own technology and applied it to mass production of 1470MPa roof reinforcement by combining the Stress Reverse® Forming (invented by JFE Steel) with our stamping technology.


FSW joining (friction stir welding) is a technology that joins materials by having a cylindrical tool with a protrusion at the tip pushed and stirred while it is rotated, causing the materials to soften and flow plastically. The company is aiming for weight reduction and lower costs by FSW joining aluminum tailored blanks of different thicknesses.