Stamping Products

Structural Development Proposal

  1. Technological/Process development
  2. Part design
  3. CAE analysis
  4. Prototype
  5. Trial using equipment / Evaluation
  6. Process planning
  7. Die design/production
  8. Mass production

Technological/Process development

We are committed to developing and making practical method of manufacturing for achievement of high quality of hard-to-process product.

Stress Reverse® Forming

Part design

We design product shapes that are lightweight, low-cost, high-quality, and suitable for carbon neutrality combining the performance and design requirements of our customers with our own manufacturing requirements.

CAE analysis

Collision analysis

Collision safety performance is one of the most important areas in the development and design of automobile frame structures. The company uses simulations to analyze the collision safety performance of automobiles and proposes light, low-cost body structures to customers. (The photo shows an example of side impact analysis)

Molding analysis

While ultra-high tensile strength steel (UHTSS) is very strong and weight reduction is possible, conversely, it is very difficult to ensure moldability and accuracy in stamping. The company has succeeded in the mass production of cold stamped products using 1470 MPa materials by optimizing part shapes through molding simulation and applying advanced processing technology.


Based on specifications required by customers, we make prototypes of parts for evaluation in the development stage.

Trial using equipment / Evaluation

We prototype parts for structural proposals to customers and verify their performance by evaluating actual machines. We are also developing CAE analysis technology and working on the improvement of accuracy by measuring various basic characteristics.
(The photo shows a check prior to a component test.)

Evaluation of Ultra high tensile strength steel parts
(Example of collaboration with JFE Steel Corporation)

Process planning

From the early stages of vehicle development, we work with our customers to determine the optimal manufacturing process specifications, aiming for lower prices for good quality products.

Die design/production

Die design

We are aiming to shorten the number of man-hours required to create mold drawings and improve drawing quality with 3D solid designs and are also working on compact mold designs. In addition, we are working on analysis of mold rigidity to mass-produce products with high accuracy even with UHTSS.

Die production

Die production based on 3D solid design data.

Mass production


Progressive processing, which contribute to productivity, have been installed at all of our domestic and overseas bases. We mainly manufacture stamping products from mild steel to high high-tensile steel, and use for cutting (blanking) from coils of material used in transfer press machine.

Progressive press machine

Equipment with a device ( uncoiler , leveler feeder) that feeds coil material to the press machine at a fixed pitch while uncoiling it for automatic continuous production with the coil material connected to the final process by a feed pier.


We have installed medium and large transfer press machines up to 3500ton class at our domestic and global base. The large press machines are mainly used to produce ultra-high-tensile cold-pressed material products and large size products.

Transfer press machine

Within a single press machine, there are multiple die processes. A transfer unit is used to transfer the products between the processes, and they are automatically transferred in sequence. The product is formed into the completed product shape while being pressed continuously.