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The Group implements integrated production for die-casting and cutting mainly of automotive air compressor parts (front head, cylinder, rear head).

Air compressor parts require high accuracy, good airtightness and good durability to prevent the leakage of high-pressure refrigerant. We are particular about dies, materials and manufacturing technologies, accumulate and apply know-how based on feedback between processes that use integrated production, and will aim for even higher-quality manufacturing.

In addition, we are increasing production of electric air compressor parts for the expanding electrification of automobiles.

Moreover, we are also using our production know-how to expand production to include oil pump covers and power steering housing parts.

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Example of static flow filling

Die casting is a casting method that produces cast products by injecting molten metal into molds at high pressure and high speed.
It can produce products with complex shapes in high cycles and excels in mass productivity and price competitiveness.

The company ensures quality with regards to blowholes, which are an issue in die casting, by optimizing mold designs through simulations expressing the injection conditions, and controlling cavity position through localized pressure and cooling.

In addition, the company is working on its own know-how, such as the “static flow filling method*,” which controls pressure during filling via speed, which is effective for not only the improvement of internal quality, but also in the improvement of downsizing and die life.
* Patented in Japan and South Korea