Stamping Products


1470MPa Roof center reinforcement

Our 1470MPa roof center reinforcement is adopted in the Toyota Motor Corporation's Lexus NX as Toyota’s first

1180Mpa Front pillar outer reinforcement

This is an important product that not only protects the occupant at the time of a collision, but also contributes to the mounting rigidity of the front door.
There are difficult-to-mold parts that are curved overall like this in the automobile body (body frame) and many products using the company’s UHTSS (1180 MPa) processing technology are used.

Front pillar outer reinforcement

This is an important product that needs to be very strong to ensure a space for the occupants to survive in the event of a collision or rollover. On the other hand, to satisfy driver visibility (thinness) and the car’s design characteristics (curvature), it is necessary to balance both difficult shapes and moldability.
The company’s products are used in the body frame parts of hot stamped materials (1.5 GPa class) that are very strong and moldable.

Pop Up Hood Hinge

This hinge is used to open and close the hood (bonnet)of an automobile. We have produced many hood hinges for Toyota Motor Corporation.

Luggage Hinge

This hinge is used to open and close the luggage door(trunk). It is a functional component that receives the force of the reaction force device and supports the luggage door.

Battery Case

Many of our battery cases are adopted to hold the drive batteries for Hybrid Electrified Vehicles.

Back door Components

Our back door components adopted in the RAV4 is made of lightweight aluminum material, and is secured for strength, rigidity, and safety by advanced deep-drawing and bending technologies. It also achieves a weight reduction compared to conventional products.

Reinforcement hood lock hook

This is a part to reinforce the hood (bonnet) and lock the body. In addition to its lightness (about half that of steel), which contributes to improved fuel economy and motor performance, it is characterized by not denting easily even when held down in everyday car washing or waxing. Moreover, to reduce the impact on a pedestrian’s head in the event of an accident, we use friction stir welding (FSW) to change the thickness of the plate in one part, thus achieving both opposing performances of strength and softness.

Oil Pan

Installed under the engine, this component retains engine oil circulated inside the engine to prevent oil from leaking outside.