Valve Products


Sealing technology

Characterized by air-sealing technology associated with the opening and closing of valves cultivated with valve cores, apart from rubber seals that use rubber packing, we also have products that use metal seals made with steel balls. We have products for a wide variety of applications, including valves for automobile tires and valves for air conditioners that are compatible with the new refrigerants.

By compounding rubber in-house, we are able to develop seals for various media such as air, nitrogen, air conditioner refrigerants and hydrogen.

Rubber-blending technology

Small rubber-kneading machine
50-ton vulcanization molding machine

We procure various polymers and chemicals, and blend our own rubber, carrying out everything from design and evaluation to rubber refining and vulcanization molding.

Starting with direct adhesion to brass stems (no adhesive), a unique technology for tire valves, we are able to develop technology and production technology for various applications, from the development of rubber in line with its application to commercialization.

High-speed cutting

Our transfer type cutting machines enable high productivity by subdividing the machining process. In addition, we ensure high quality with a mechanism that detects the load during cutting automatically.

Valve core assembly and inspection

With equipment that performs parts assembly, processing, and various inspections (dimensions, imaging, operation and performance) consistently, we can produce 120 pieces per second. We have equipment that uses a bottling system mechanism, which allows us to ensure high productivity and high quality.

Valve core integrated line

We produce valve cores, the company’s founding product, on an integrated line that carries out all processes from forging to cutting, cleaning, assembly and inspection. We maintain high quality through a strict quality checking system and combine that with cost competitiveness through the development of highly productive equipment.

High-speed inspections and robot inspections

High-speed inspections
Products are transported at high speed by equipment that uses cams, and a visual inspection of the entire product is implemented while rotating it. We also use AI for internal and screw inspections, not just the outer circumference of products.

Robot inspections
For inspections of products in small quantities and of many types, we use robots that can load and pick in bulk and inspection machines that use AI. The inspection of all valves is now possible.

Cold forging process

By subdividing the machining process, in addition to enabling complex molding we are able to mold the inner surfaces of some products into a mirror surface, and we have the technology to produce high-quality products. High speed production of more than 100 units per second is possible. We mainly carryout cold forging of aluminum and brass.