Molding Products

Consistent Development System

The Group uses its strength of being able to act consistently from planning to production, to promote unique manufacturing that realizes the best quality and best prices.
Further, all divisions work together to promote SE activities* and roll out speedy product development.
Moreover, these technologies and know-how are shared with overseas bases too, establishing product creation of the same quality worldwide and a global development and production system.

* Simultaneous engineering: Technology, manufacturing, and procurement divisions work together to prepare everything from development to production.

  1. Project Planning
  2. Parts Exterior Design
  3. Structural Design
  4. Analysis
  5. Prototype
  6. Evaluation
  7. Production Preparations
  8. Mass Production

Project Planning

We plan and develop based on market trends and customer requests.

Parts Exterior Design

Based on the plan, our designers, who are experts in our manufacturing process, will create everything from idea sketches to CAD data of the design in a short period of time.

Structural Design

Based on the design data created by the designer, we design the product to satisfy its functionality and ease of production.


Data analysis to verify that the designed geometry meets functionality and quality.


Check the designed parts for quality concerns.


The required functions of the trial product using equipment are actually evaluated to confirm that there are no concerns.

Production Preparations

We will discuss how to make parts for mass production with high quality and high production efficiency.

Mass Production

We share our technology and know-how with our global bases to establish the manufacturing of products of the same quality throughout the world.