Molding Products


Noise and Vibration insulation

Engine FC stack cover

This is a cover attached to the upper part of the engine, and creates the “face” of the engine compartment. It has excellent sound absorption, sound proofing, vibration proofing and vibration damping performance, and demonstrates high sound proofing performance.

Engine Under Cover

This is a cover made of plastic with incorporated fiberglass, and is installed under the engine and designed to protect it. This part is produced through sheet material stamping process(*1).

*1 sheet material stamping process
A process in which glass fiber-filled sheet material is preheated to soften and then formed by stamping


Urethane foam parts used as soundproofing and heat insulation materials.

Wheel Cap

Wheel Cap for steel wheel

This is a high design resin cover that can be attached to general-purpose steel wheels. Designed to match the vehicle's image, a wide variety of surface treatments are available, including partially painted colors and high-intensity coating.

Wheel Cap for aluminum wheels

This is a high design resin cover that can be attached to aluminum wheels.
There are also aerodynamic hybrid wheel caps which are utilized in combination with generic aluminum wheels.

Decorative parts for aluminum wheels

Part of the aluminum wheel is decorated with resin parts to achieve a color scheme and weight reduction that was not possible in the past.
One-touch mounting structure reduces assembly man-hours.
Weight reduction of approximately 10% compared to conventional aluminum wheels of the same design.

Wheel Hub Ornament

This is a high design hub ornament that is attached to the center of the wheel. They are produced using in-mold transfer technology and insert molding technology that we developed.

Interior Components

Accelerator Pedal

This is an organ-style plastic accelerator pedal utilizing an integral hinge structure. There are also some variants which are decorated with aluminum in order to improve the design.

Foot rest

A footrest on the left side of the car accelerator pedal to stabilize the foot and reduce fatigue.
The luster of the aluminum material improves the sense of luxury and enhances the feeling of driving.

Exterior Components

Outside Door Handle

This is a decorative piece located on automobile door handles.
Using luminescent film that is resistant to radio wave penetration and electrostatic capacity fluctuations allows for the combined implementation of “smart entry” systems and designed plating.

Garnishes, Wheel center emblem

This is a car name plate that can be attached to the side of the vehicle. Various design expressions are possible using in-mold transfer technology.

License Bracket

A base for mounting the license plate to the bumper.

Number Frame

This is a protective and ornamental frame for number plates.