Forging Products


Forging technologies (near net shape by plate forging)

The company’s forging technology is characterized by its ability to process (near net shape) thick plate materials (1.6 to 12 mm) with 1/1000 mm level precision by cold forging. Cold stamping is a manufacturing method that compresses a material at room temperature without applying heat to carry out processing such as increasing its thickness or bending it. The molding accuracy is higher than a processing method that applies heat.

In addition, since there are no wasted parts compared to processing methods that cut and mold, this method not only reduces the cost of materials, it is environmentally superior as it also leads to the reduction of waste.

We have also introduced high-level press machines, and by forming a composite of press and cold forging, we are able to manufacture lightweight, low-cost, high-performance, and high-precision parts.

Carrier Molding simulation
Burring → boss forming → increased thickness → leg bend
Hub Molding simulation
Cap molding → tooth shape molding