Forging Products



This has been adopted as a highly-functional part for automotive automatic transmissions and hybrid-related units.

The company’s strength is its ability to process (near net shape) plate materials with 1/1000 mm level accuracy thanks to its cold forging technology.

We can guarantee the accuracy of flatness, concentricity and thickness deviation because of our molds and equipment.

We have a track record of commercialization with various materials such as iron, aluminum, stainless steel, etc., and can process from 1.6 to 12 mm.

Our main forging products

Plate for hybrid motors

We achieve strength greater than that of the base material due to our aluminum plate forging technology. By using stainless steel, we can achieve increased part strength and a 55% reduction in material thickness. By doing so, we have achieved space saving in the unit.

A5052 t=6.5
- Differential thickness molding t = 3.0
- Key molding
SUS304 t=4.0
- Step molding
- Press completion
Hub for AT, CVT

We can mold hubs with high-quality coaxial accuracy and a 71% thickness difference between large and small diameters by one-shot molding using a double-action press. In addition, positioning accuracy is also improved by forming the inner boss in the same mold.

SAPH440 t=4.5
- Tooth molding
(difference in large diameter - small diameter thickness)
SAPH440 t=2.3
- Tooth molding
- Inner boss molding
Flange for AT, CVT

We have achieved material filling in the key part required for the lockup mechanism and a 220% increase in the thickness of the inner diameter boss part (material comparison) as desired by the customer.

SAPH270 t=4.5
- Differential thickness molding t = 10.0
- Key molding
Carrier for AT, CVT

We have a track record for 3.2 to 10 mm thick plates. We have achieved the conversion to forging of the pinion surface by increasing the thickness of the inner diameter boss part by 130% (material comparison) and a high level quality guarantee.

SAPH440 t=10.0
- Boss thickening molding
- Leg bending
SAPH440 t=3.6
- Boss thickening molding
- Leg bending