With Shareholders and Investors

To live up to the trust and expectations of our shareholders, we strive to improve corporate value from a long-term perspective based on two-way communication.

Communication with our Shareholders and Investors

Disclosure of IR Information

In addition to disclosing our corporate and financial information in an appropriate and timely manner to ensure greater transparency, we work to proactively disclose non-financial information on our company website etc. We disclose financial results briefing materials, including questions and answers, on our website together with the English version promptly after the briefing.

General Meeting of Shareholders

Since 2001, we have held general meetings of shareholders on Saturdays, which makes it easier for shareholders to attend, thereby providing the opportunity for management to speak directly with shareholders.

General Meeting of Shareholders
General Meeting of Shareholders

Briefings for Analysts and Institutional Investors

We held 74 meetings for analysts and institutional investors in FY2022, including holding quarterly financial results briefings (telephone conferences) and small meetings focused on ESG, and we also responded to requests for individual interviews (via the web and telephone). 

Financial results presentation meeting using Web conferencing
Financial results presentation meeting using Web conferencing

IR for Individual Investors

For individual investors, we promote a variety of IR activities, including distributing transcribed articles, issuing shareholder newsletters, distributing e-mail newsletters to registered users, holding our general meeting of shareholders on Saturdays and conducting potential shareholder questionnaire.

Shareholder Returns

We recognize the return of profits as an important management issue and based on the continuation of stable dividends we conduct business taking comprehensively into account the maintenance of results and a sound financial structure, and the dividend payout ratio.