Corporate Social Responsibility

Efforts on Environmental Issues

Efforts on Environmental Issues

The Pacific Industrial group recognize its responsibilities for the environment as a corporate entity and actively partake in protection of the global environment in line with the worldwide concerns on environmental issues relating to the industrial manufacturing industries. We, a manufacturer of automobile and home appliance parts, in particular, are keenly aware of the necessity in dealing with the environmental protection issues. Followings are our environmental philosophy, general environmental policies and the examples of measures for the environmental issues.

Environmental Philosophy

We shall actively partake in protection of the global environment, and strive to be a "credible high quality company" that earns the respects from our societies.

General Environmental Policies

    We accelerate environmental load reduction activities with the participation of all employees to achieve the PACIFIC Environmental Challenge 2050.

April 1, 2021

Corporate Environmental Activities from FY2019

(1) CO2 emissions          6% reduction
(2) Amount of industrial wastes   35% reduction in Japan
(3) Water usage           9% reduction