Philosophy and Values


Passion in Creating Tomorrow


The “PACIFIC VALUES” represent the universal values shared by members of the Pacific Industrial Group. We expressed the mental attitude that we want to cherish with the words “Dreams and Challenges” and “Trust and Respect,” with a focus on the company history and the ideas of our founder and predecessors, including the top management, as embodied in the founding spirit and the company motto.

“Dreams and Challenges”

  • We always have dreams (goals) and take on challenges without fear of failure.
  • Even if we fail, we use that to nourish our next dream and continue to pursue it.

“Trust and Respect”

  • We value “harmony” and always think from the other person’s point of view.
  • We create a culture in which the word “thank you” is born naturally.

Corporate Banner

  • The dark marine blue color represents nature on the earth, especially the sea, while the sky blue color represents the air and the sky.
  • The four lines represent the ocean waves and the horizon.
  • Further, the waves also represent dynamism and evolution, while the horizon symbolizes the future and eternity.