Principles of Conduct


These “Principles of Conduct”, previously named our “CSR Policy”, express the foundations (basic attitude) of proper conduct toward our stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, shareholders, and society. These principles act as our group’s highest-level code of conduct policy.

To Remain as a Company Needed by Society, Now and Into the Future

Through the development of new businesses, new technologies, and new products that contribute to improving safety, environment, and comfort performance, we aspire to achieve sustainable growth as a company with trusted reputation that meets the expectations of society.
The “Principles of Conduct” are the tenets we follow in consideration of how we affect our stakeholders, and call for every member of the Pacific Industrial Group to act sensibly and with high ethical standards as members of global society.
Based on the “Principles of Conduct”, the “Code of Conduct” clearly defines for our employees the concrete judgment standards by which they shall make appropriate decisions and properly conduct themselves. Reflecting on the spirit of the “Principles of Conduct” and “Code of Conduct”, we shall act in the way we believe to be best based on our own conscience.

We will work to consistently communicate with our customers and to provide environmentally friendly, high-quality products and services that are trusted by, and satisfy, our customers.
In order to garner trust and meet the expectations of our shareholders, we will place importance on bilateral communication and continuously strive to improve our corporate value by taking a long-term view.
Business Partners
Aiming at co-existence and co-prosperity based on mutual trust, we will respect our business partners and establish strong positive relationships with them on an equitable and fair basis.
From the perspective of respect for human rights and dignity, we will provide a workplace where all employees can work at ease in an environment that allows them to find work they can be proud of and encourages them to demonstrate their creativity and spirit of challenge.
We always recognize the importance of environmental conservation in all our business activities, comply with laws and regulations related to the environment, and actively engage in environmental conservation activities based on our “Environmental Policies.”
In addition to contributing to the sustainable development of society through close partnership and cooperation with local communities, we also engage in social contribution activities (support for academics/culture/sports, participation in volunteer activities, international community contributions, etc.) to build bonds with local communities.