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Corporate Social Responsibility

President Shinya Ogawa
President Shinya Ogawa

Pacific Industrial believes that wholesome business operations that can be trusted by the community are the keystone for corporate social responsibility (CSR). Through our activities in all regions and countries, we aim to contribute to the continued development of society through our “True Global Company” programs. To preserve harmony between the economy, environment, and society, we place great importance on open and fair communication as well as creating a win-win relationship with all of our stakeholders.

The environment in which we live continues to go through difficult times, but we are assertively working to deal with issues surrounding the automobile industry such as global warming. In order to build an automobile society that can sustain both people and the earth, we continue to research and develop technology based on environmental soundness, safety, and comfort and manufacture high quality products. We hope to contribute to the realization of a low-carbon society.

In addition, our long-term plan “PACIFIC GLOBAL VISION 2020”, created to commemorate our 80th anniversary, places CSR as the most important management issue. Our five new business innovations and integrated management philosophy will allow us to innovate our business structure, deepen our CSR policies and increase our corporate value to the greatest extent possible.