Message from President

Sustainability essential for realizing our PURPOSE and our mid-to-long-term business plan

I am Tetsushi Ogawa, president and representative director since April 2023. I would like to thank everyone connected with this company for their continued patronage. I trust we can count on your further support and encouragement going forward.

Our Group operates 13 companies in 8 countries around the world, serving the public mainly through the supply ofautomobile parts. With approximately 5,000 employees worldwide, we operate our daily business with a huge number of people, including suppliers and business partners. We need to consider our connections with these people, understand how we are impacting society and the natural environment, including from the perspective of future generations, and work to mitigate any negative impact and make a positive impact.

In April 2023, our Group defined “Passion in Creating Tomorrow” as our PURPOSE and formulated our mid-to-long-term business plan Beyond the OCEAN and mid-term business plan NEXUS-26. One of the themes we focus on is the integration of sustainability and management. It means that each and every employee will, as stated in our PURPOSE, contribute with passion to society’s "tomorrow," that is, a sustainable tomorrow. The mid-to-long-term business plan was formulated from a long-term perspective based on materiality with regard to sustainability. By steadily implementing each initiative while increasing employee engagement, which is the key to integrating sustainability and business activities, we hope to become a company that is even more needed by society.

Tetsushi Ogawa
President, Member of the Board