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TPMS B-01, a new Tire Pressure Monitoring System product~Warns of reduced tire pressure with devices installed for general users.~

The company has developed the TPMS B-01 as a system for general users. It is installed after purchase. The TPMS B-01 is a sensor within a transmitter device attached to a wheel. It is a system that detects the air pressure in tires and informs the driver through an in-car monitor (receiver). By monitoring the tire pressure and warning the driver of a decrease in pressure, it not only ensures safety and security while driving, but also improves efficiency and environmental performance by prolonging the life of tires. It does this by reducing partial abrasion, preventing fuel consumption from deteriorating, and reducing CO2 emissions.

The TPMS B-01 consists of sensors within transmitters attached to wheels and a monitor (receiver) attached to the dashboard. It receives electricity from an auto accessory power source. The transmitter measures the air pressure inside the tires and sends the data to the receiver. The receiver informs the driver of the state of tire pressure by way of green, yellow, and red indicator lamps on the dashboard. A green light means all is normal, yellow means that the tire pressure may be low and should be checked soon, and red means that air pressure in one or more of the tires is definitely low and should be corrected immediately.

Details of the transmitter
A TPMS acceleration sensor is attached to the transmitter device. The acceleration sensor is activated and whenever driving over approximately 40km per hour or rapid decrease of pressure is measured, the data is sent to the receiver by wireless.

Details of the receiver
The receiver obtains air pressure data from the transmitter and inform the information of the drivers by way of LED indicators. The auto’s accessory power source energizes the receiver by way of chords attached at the back of the receiver.

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