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TPMS: A Next-Generation Valve Contributing to Automobile Safety, Security, and Global Warming Prevention“TPMS” Tire Pressure Monitoring System (タイヤ空気圧監視システム)

What is TPMS?

System Overview

TPMS stands for Tire Pressure Monitoring System. The system utilizes a sensor within a transmitter device that directly measures tire pressure and temperature, and sends that information wirelessly to a receiver device in the car body, notifying the driver of any irregularities.

This system consists of transmitter device, receiving antenna, receiver device, and display module. Pacific Industrial produces transmitter devices out of these 4 component parts.

Pacific Industrial, who began operation as a manufacturer of automobile valve core, developed the TPMS transmitter as value-added next generation valve using its unique technologies cultivated over many years.

Our TPMS transmitter is “direct style”, attached to the inside of the tire so its sensor can detect pressure or temperature irregularities in the tire, and send the information to the receiver by wireless. As each country has its own Radio Law to meet the local frequency, we have developed a different transmitter model for each country.

As the device is attached to the inside of the tire, special design is required to withstand vibration, wide temperature range, high humidity conditions, and chemicals inside the tire. Configuration design, wireless transmission, and environment resistance are all taken into account to develop the TPMS transmitter into a smaller, lighter, and more functional transmitter.

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Features of the TPMS Transmitter Device

  1. Correctly measure each of dual tire by directly measuring its internal pressure
  2. Compliance with each country's Radio Laws
  3. Measures quickly whether car is stopped or moving
  4. Detects even miniscule pressure leaks
  5. Long life and high reliability

High Reliability

  1. Uses a unique type of small pressure sensor that can withstand a severe environment inside the tire.
  2. Realizes a wide range heat-resistance.
  3. Uses a oscillator with good impact resistance characteristics.
  4. Battery has a long-term life due to its large capacity and energy saving circuit.
  5. FM modulation system with good noise resistance characteristics. (AM modulation system is also available.)

This system is comprised of four components;

  1. four (4) Sensor-Transmitter Valves,
  2. Receiving Antennas,
  3. a Receiver,
  4. a Display.

The system directly measures the air pressure inside each tire, and sends the data via wireless transmitter to a receiver which is connected to a display mounted inside a vehicle for a driver's immediate monitoring of tire conditions.