Corporate Social Responsibility

Risk management

In the ongoing global expansion of business、we are striving to strengthen risk management to minimize the risks diversified. For the risks with great impact on corporate management, now we started BCP in order to prevent those, as well as to minimize with immediate and appropriate reactions.

Risk management system

 We have established a Risk management Regime for the company with “Risk Management Regulation” ”Risk Management Enforcement Outline” in March 2008 to grasp and cope with the crucial and influential risks. Also practicing management company committee such as crises management committee with encouragement to extract、analyze、assess and cope with risks in each section.

 Risk management meeting controls all of the risks in the company, but also considers coping policy of major risks, and confirms how the situations are being handled. Followed by the cycle of plan-do-check-act (PDCA), we strive to prevent, minimize and cope with the risks when they occur with continuous management.

 Also in domestic and overseas subsidiary, we established a Unified Risk Manager for each company. We are promoting a Global Risk Management with encouraging activities matched with each company situation and business form.

Encouragement of Business Continuity Plan

“Earthquake Reporting System” Placed in 5 of the factories in Gifu(Tonankai Earthquake region)
“Earthquake Reporting System”
Placed in 5 of the factories in Gifu
(Tonankai Earthquake region)

 In an emergency situation such as earthquakes, natural disaster or influenza A (H1N1) outbreak, we are executing countermeasure called BCP: Business Continuity Plan. This plan can give us the direction for what to do during normal time and how to continue or restore our business during an actual situation to make the damage of business property minimum.
Due to the Great East Earthquake, we have revisited the importance of our daily emergency drills and actions from initial responses. This has lead to discovering new risk elements. Therefore, from the view of the Business Continuity Plan, we are strengthening the crisis management and risk management on the assumption of Tonankai earthquake.

Information Security

 We’ve been promoting information security management in entire company with information system committee. While importance of the corporate information security is growing, we issued「IT principle」in 2008 and made clear of the information security policy.
As for the protection against the threat from outside or the internal watching within company, We strive internal control by not just technical approach using our computer system, but also advanced ID control auditing security of information and so forth. Moreover, our e-learning has helped us enhance each employee’s awareness about Information Security.