We make every effort to alleviate environmental burdens, develop with the whole world as our stage (global), and glocally contribute to the development of local community (local).

President Shinya Ogawa

Since its establishment in Japan in 1930 as a venture company to manufacture valve cores locally, Pacific Industrial Co., Ltd. Has been continuously expanding its lines of business. This now includes tire valves business, automotive stamping, plastic molding, and dies business, and control devices for air conditioners and electronic devices business. Further, along with the rapid globalization of the markets, we have developed our overseas operations in Taiwan, Korea, the U.S.A., Thailand, China and Belgium.

During this period, "Modernization and Internationalization" have always been themes of Pacific Industrial Group and we have striven for innovations in technology and manufacturing, based on the concept of "manufacturing is developing human resources". In order to respond to the expectations of all related parties such as customers, suppliers, shareholders, local communities and employees, we are determined to further strengthen our physical constitution and to restructure our business in line with the changes in the world marketplace, aiming at becoming a global and creative company fit for 21st century.

Our objectives include not only manufacturing reliable products, but also protecting the global environment, growing globally and contributing to the development of the local communities.

As we strive to achieve our objectives, we would much appreciate your continuous support and guidance.

President Shinya Ogawa