President Shinya Ogawa

Pacific Industrial was able to celebrate its 90th anniversary in 2020. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our customers and many other stakeholders for their understanding and support.

Under the brand slogan "Passion in Creating Tomorrow", we are developing our business with a long-term vision " PACIFIC GLOCAL VISION " and a medium-term management plan " OCEAN-22".

Today, the automobile industry is undergoing a major transformation once every 100 years, and social issues such as environmental issues are becoming more serious. Under such circumstances, companies are required to take a serious approach to the SDGs, including a strong governance system.

In response to this situation, we are promoting sustainability management by incorporating four pillars related to our long-term vision and 15 material topics into our entire business activities in order to build a sustainable society.

Pacific Group will continue to create a future with passion, aiming for a 100-year-old company that will continue to grow GLOCALy in earnest and beyond.

President Shinya Ogawa