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From Design to Production: Accelerating Environmentally Friendly Fabrication Methods Through Complete Manufacturing Integration

Utilizing the strengths of our completely integrated production system, which ranges from production planning to design and goes all the way to component production, allows us to use state-of-the-art technology to implement our own unique designs to offer our customers exterior components for automobiles, and to actualize our own brand of comprehensive fabrication. For an example of these exterior components, we were able to develop, for the first time ever in Japan, wheel caps and center ornaments manufactured via in-mold forming and insert-forming technologies, which allowed for 100% recyclability. We are focusing our efforts on developing environmentally friendly materials and products/production methods.

Exterior Components

Wheel Cap

Wheel Cap Wheel Cap Wheel Cap Wheel Cap
This cover is applied over the surface of the wheel and made from elaborately designed plastic. There are also aerodynamic hybrid wheel caps which are utilized in combination with generic aluminum wheels.

Cap Center Ornament

Cap Center Ornament Cap Center Ornament Cap Center Ornament Cap Center Ornament
An elaborately designed component attached to the center of the wheel, this hub ornament is produced using in-mold transcription technology and insert molding technology developed by our company.

Outside Door Handle

Outside Door Handle
This is a decorative piece located on automobile door handles.
Using luminescent film that is resistant to radio wave penetration and electrostatic capacity fluctuations allows for the combined implementation of “smart entry” systems and designed plating.

Number Flame

Number Flame
This is a protective and ornamental frame for number plates.

Spare Tire Cover

Spare Tire Cover
This is a superiorly designed spare tire cover for the rear of vehicles.

Bumper Protector

Bumper Protector
This is a bumper guard with an incorporated superior design for the front end of four-wheel-drive vehicles.