Management Plan


Looking 10 years ahead, the long-term vision “PACIFIC GLOCAL VISION 2020” was drawn up in 2010, when we celebrated our 80th anniversary since the founding to clarify the Group’s dreams and mission.
The automobile industry is currently undergoing a once-in-a-century major transformation. Environmental and other social issues are becoming increasingly severe and necessitating companies taking steps to these social issues in good faith such as by setting up a robust governance system. Under such circumstances, the Pacific Industrial Group has tackled the challenge of new value creation through manufacturing and clarified the “desired corporate image” by reviewing its long-term vision in pursuit of contribution to a sustainable society. Aiming to become a hundred-year company that achieves sustainable growth, we are committed to taking on the challenge toward a new future.


Mid-term Management Plan “OCEAN-22”

We formulated “OCEAN-20,” our mid-term management plan that serves as a concrete action plan for our long-term vision “PACIFIC GLOCAL VISION 2020,” and have promoted the plan so far. Our efforts related to the plan include turning three Schrader Group companies into our subsidiaries in August 2018 and revising the targeted values in the “OCEAN-20” in November of the same year. Thanks to these exercises, we came to have good prospects for achieving the consolidated sales target a year ahead of schedule, and therefore executed rolling planning of the existing mid-term management plan to formulate the “OCEAN-22.”

The automobile industry is changing dramatically as a result of the growing popularity of next-generation mobility. Future actions we need to take to achieve further growth include further exploring and expanding our new products and technologies, acquiring new customers, securing production bases overseas, and enhancing our cost competitiveness. Seeing these external changes as an opportunity, we will draw on our accumulated strengths and bring the full power of the entire Group together to improve our competitiveness.

In addition, under the “OCEAN-22,” we will solidify our foundation for manufacturing as a policy during the leveling-off phase, focusing on strengthening of the profitability in preparation for the next leap and development of human resources that drive the greater profitability, while at the same time reinforcing the environmental, social and governance (ESG) activities.