In recent years, the business environment surrounding Pacific Industrial Group has been changing drastically at an unexpectedly rapid pace. Examples of these changes include: the sudden global structural switch of the automotive industry, global environmental problem, corporate social responsibility, globalization, and technological innovation. These changes will lead to an era in which it is extremely difficult for us to forecast the future. In order to recognize such environmental changes as great opportunities for new growth, at this moment of our 80th year in business, we have decided to make clear our dreams (visions) and missions by drawing up a plan “PACIFIC GLOCAL VISION 2020”.

We had developed these visions by weaving the opinions from our newest employees who may forge the future of our company. Also we aim to shift from “Consolidated Business Management” toward “Amalgamated Business Management”, with breakthrough innovation of business structures by practicing the five meanings of “SHINKA”, and by reading the changes of an era from new standpoints and ideas based on our VISION and MISSION “As a Global Manufacturer of Technology Components”, and aim for further improvement of company value.

We believe that our Pacific Industrial Group companies, as well as each and every employee, will embrace these visions, attempt growth globally, and complete development of the communities and compliance corporate social responsibility.