Kita Ogaki Plant

タイヤバルブ製品・Control Devices Products・TPMS送信機の開発・生産工場

Kita Ogaki Plant We have applied the technology which has been acquired through the tire valve business, and we have developed and produced control devices for air conditioning, valves for controlling the flow rate of air and oil pressure, electronics products, and TPMS(Tire Pressure Monitoring System) transmitters in this specialized factory.
1300-1 Yokoi, Godo-cho, Anpachi-gun, Gifu
TEL +81-584-27-5111 FAX +81-584-28-0100
Land Space 96,700m2
Floor Space 36,100m2
Products Tire valves, valve cores, tire valve accessories, air conditioning parts, electronic mechanical products.
Main Equipments
[Metal Processing] Forging Machine, Singe/Multi-spindle Automatic Lathe, NC Lathe
[Rubber Processing] Banbury Mixer, Extruder, Vulcanizing Machine, Buffing Machine
[Assembling and Inspection] Automatic assembling machines,
automatic inspection machines
Relief valve automatic assembling machines
Relief valve automatic assembling machines
TPMS cleaning room
TPMS cleaning room
TPMS automatic line
TPMS automatic line

Near time to arrival

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  • From Ogaki Station about 20minutes by taxi.
  • From Ogaki IC about 35minutes.

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